How Does A Kurlon Mattress Help You To Get Rid Of Your Back Pain?

If you’ve struggled to choose between a firm Kurlon mattress and a soft mattress, with their respective side effects, you’re not alone. Choosing the right mattress can help you achieve better sleep quality, improve health and well-being, and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

If you suffer from back pain, a firm mattress might be perfect, but if you suffer from shoulder pain or other issues which affect your shoulders and arms at night (such as an underactive thyroid), it may be too firm. However, you may benefit from sleeping on a softer mattress when suffering from neck or shoulder pain during the night. How can we solve this problem?

If you suffer from chronic back pain and have been treated by several doctors, including your chiropractor, you should buy an orthopedic mattress if you wish to address this issue. For some reason, they couldn’t determine which firmness was right for their Kurlon mattress.

Some people with chronic back pain found that after researching the types of mattresses and the firmness that worked best for them online, the Kurlon mattress came up first. According to the doctors, it has a firmness of 7, the best firmness for chronic back pain, and it has received many positive reviews online as well. Their decision to purchase this mattress from Bajaj Mall resulted in this.

Back pain caused by soft mattresses?

Overly firm mattresses can cause pressure points to be compressed and misalignment to occur. In the same way, a too-soft mattress will allow your body to sink into the mattress, resulting in bad posture during sleep, which can lead to pain. If you choose the right mattress, you should feel like you are floating in space.

Mattresses with excessive padding should be avoided by people who sleep on their backs and stomachs, as they will cause their spines to rest in an unhealthy position. It is recommended to buy a soft mattress if you are a side sleeper because it contours to your body curves and provides more support to the areas where it is needed most.

A Kurlon mattress that is too soft will not provide adequate support to the body, allowing it to sink too deeply into the mattress. You may experience worsening back pain after sleeping on an extremely soft mattress. Medium-firm mattresses are recommended for people with bad backs since they are neither too soft nor too firm. 

A mattress that is very firm puts extra pressure on your pressure points and misaligns your spine. In the same way, if the bed is too soft, your body will sink into it, resulting in bad posture, which can then cause pain while you sleep.

Which mattress is better for back pain, firm or soft?

A memory foam mattress is the foundation of your quality sleep, as you spend one-third of your life on it. Due to its connection to rest, it can also have a number of detrimental effects on your health. Hence, when buying a mattress, it is essential to pay attention to its features. Firm or soft is always the deciding factor before buying a mattress, and this debate has no end in sight.

Neither firm nor soft mattresses are perfect, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. What is the best way to determine which is right for you? The answer to these two basic questions will help you determine which one is best for you.

What’s the reason for your mattress purchase?

Having a clear understanding of why you want to buy a mattress is crucial. In addition to a doctor or health expert, you can also consult a memory foam mattress expert to figure out which mattress is best for you.

Is your old mattress still in good condition?

The ideal mattress should combine optimum firmness with a cushiony, softer feel if you are experiencing stiffness or pain from your old mattress. Latex mattresses are top choices if the mattress you have is soft and doesn’t support your sleeping position.

You are more likely to experience lower back pain after switching to a new Kurlon mattress if you are experiencing back discomfort. The only thing you must consider is giving your body time to adjust. According to sleep experts, mattresses should be replaced every 7-8 years.

Sleeping on a firmer surface reduces stress on muscles, veins, and arteries because bones absorb most of the pressure. Reduced muscle tension and increased circulation are two benefits. Firm mattresses also preclude your lower back from collapsing while you sleep, allowing you to breathe more easily.

The stiff feeling usually disappears after a few minutes of stretching and movement. In contrast, if you wake up in acute back pain and stretch to relieve it, that might indicate that your memory foam mattress is causing more harm than good.
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