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How to Choose the Shower Trays for Your Bathroom

The shower tray has surpassed the tub in recent years. The variety of shapes and materials available, along with the obvious advantages of having a shower tray in your home, is making it more popular than the bathtub.

A reform to Replace an old bathtub with a modern, tiled shower tray. There are many options available for replacing your bathtub or renovating your bathroom. You should be aware of the differences in each model before you choose the best one.

According to the bathroom renovations Markham specialists, it’s easy to get lost in the vast array of shower tray options. There were only ceramic shower trays until a few decades back. But now you can choose from many different materials and finishes with distinct properties and characteristics.

Important aspects to consider when choosing a shower tray 

You should consider the shape, size, texture, and design of your tray to ensure that it fits in your bathroom well and provides you with optimal results over the long term.

The size and shape

A square or angled tray for your shower may be the best option for small bathrooms. Manufacturers offer a variety of lengths for large bathrooms. You also have the option to order your custom-made shower tray.

Materials and finishes

It is important to consider the material and the final finish of a shower tray. This is because it will determine important attributes such as its anti-slip ability or resistance to knocks or product action. Hygiene and cleanliness.

Ceramic shower trays

This plate is the most affordable. It has been a popular choice for decades and continues to deliver excellent results in terms of durability. Despite chemical agents, ceramic plates do not yellow and remain the same.

The surface’s ability to adhere during bathing is limited. If you choose one, ensure that it has a rougher surface that increases safety. You may need to use a mat with enough adherence to prevent contact with the plate.

  • A cost-effective option
  • high durability
  • complex installation
  • Moderate level of adhesion, anti-slip

Resin shower trays

They are highly sought-after because of their aesthetics, resistance, adhesion, and resistance. These shower trays are sometimes called mineral-filled shower trays because they are often made of a mixture of minerals. Also, If you are in Whitby, Canada you may want to know about the best services for bathroom renovations in Whitby.

They can be customized to fit any bathroom decor with different finishes. These shower trays are lightweight and durable and should be considered among the best non-slip shower trays available.

Shower trays in either natural or artificial stone

They are available in marble, granite, and quartzite, but the most popular is the slate shower tray. Natural materials provide a pleasant experience in the bathroom. However, this all depends on individual tastes.

  • Natural stone’s strong point is the sensation it creates
  • Outstanding results in terms of strength and endurance
  • Slip-resistant

Some important details to remember

Above all, your shower should be safe and comfortable. Consider your personal needs when buying a shower tray.

You should also inspect the tray’s thickness and height relative to the bathroom’s total surface if you plan to do a remodel. Shower trays are located at ground level.

They create a great effect of visual continuity and provide safety in access. You can also get a soft shower tray made from innovative non-slip materials. These trays provide maximum comfort for your feet while you bathe and cushion any fall.

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