We have discussed many articles about why you should hire a professional wedding photographer, why it is so important and why you have to maximize your budget.

When you come to your wedding day there is only one thing you will not see to the end, and that is your wedding photo. Everything you will see, planned and ordered, your wedding venue, flowers, clothes, bands, seats, decorations, the list continues.

Wedding photography error to avoid

But there are still some mistakes made by couples when coming to photography of their wedding, so we have collected 8 common we saw.

1. Under appreciating the importance of photography.

The first regret and unfortunately all for general events actually did not employ a professional wedding photographer. Marriage is not cheap and everything can feel expensive so that when you think that a wedding photographer like gay weddings los angeles does not ‘add’ anything on that day, it is easy to decide they are not needed or money can be saved. The cost of playing a big role in why a partner might not hire a professional and when you have a family friend who has photography as a hobby, it is easy to see why you might think it is a good way to save money.

The fact is that you pay something that you will not see until after your wedding, the photographer will be there on your day but they will be in the background of work. You can save money and spend it on bigger flowers, better food, free drinks, but how by catching all these moments, your guests will not care or even pay attention if you spend more on your flowers or food, but you will Pay attention and regret your wedding photos if they don’t reflect your beautiful day, your guest emotions or all your hard work plan your day.

Make sure you hire a professional wedding photographer, hire someone who knows what they are doing and have years of experience doing it, it will be one of the best investments you will make. Don’t regret it.

You have to maximize your budget, you must give a lot of interests to your wedding photography. Why? At the end of your special day the cake will be eaten, the flowers will wither, the place will be cleaned and all you will have is memories. What is a better way to capture and hold the memories so you can show your family, friends, grandchildren, rather than through pictures.

Price & Package of Wedding Photography

We heard many brides focused on creating their dream marriages, focused on getting everything perfectly, but they forgot that it was only for one day, and they did not think or maximize their budget to hire a professional wedding photographer to catch their day, perfect marriage Those they have dreamed of and spent months planned and created.

Make sure you catch your day and your perfect wedding. The person you think of when your day ends will last forever.

If you are nervous in front of the camera or don’t like being taken by your photo shoot then consider an engagement photo shoot too. Photography like engagement photography price is a service up close and personal and you and your photographer need to feel comfortable working together. An engagement photo shoot will not only increase your wedding album, but also functions like a dress for photography on that day to make you more relaxed and natural in front of the camera.

2. Does not capture all day

You may have hired a photographer but other regret can only hire them for the ceremony, once again this is down to the cost. With all the pressures of planning your wedding, it might be difficult to think about how you will be in your big morning, and sometimes to save money, it’s easy not to be captured, but this can be the best photo of your life.

3. Do not meet their photographer first

When hiring a wedding photographer, it is important to meet them, if not, you can regret it when you come to your photo. Their work might be extraordinary but if you don’t feel natural and relaxed around them then it will be seen in the photo, all photographers will try to make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable, but you might find it awkwardly around them which will then be displayed in your photos .

They may have some fun ideas for photos but you might not want it, the point is you want a photographer you follow, feel relaxed, a photographer who is almost like a guest too.

By meeting your photographer first, you can see how the results are, you might find it difficult or awkward with them who can then be displayed in your photos, but if you click and feel like you are talking to old friends then your wedding photo will be more fun , natural and fun. Your best photo is you just have fun and enjoy that day.

You can meet in person, do engagement shooting, or at least talk to them on the phone or make video calls.

4. Booking & Disappointment last minute

You have set a budget for your photography, you have maximized it as best you can so you can buy the best photographer that you can get. All lice so far, but you leave it, you don’t make a decision and then when you realize that you still need to hire someone, you can be disappointed when the wedding photographer you expect has been rented entirely ordered on your day.

Like your wedding place, immediately after your wedding venue and the date is confirmed, you must order your wedding photographer. No matter how much your budget, the best wedding photographer will take an order up to 2 years before, so don’t wait a few months before your big day and be surprised they are ordered. Our advice is as soon as you have a date and your place, find your perfect wedding photographer and ask them to be ordered.

5. Do not have an engagement photo shoot

Although a little related to the previous point, the couple sometimes regret not doing engagement shooting, of course you can have something like this done after your marriage, but another benefit of this type of photo shoot is to help you feel more relaxed in front of the camera.

General wedding photography error that you want to avoid

Unless you work as a model, you will not get used to your photos taken and focus on you, this is not about doing silly pose, it’s just about being more comfortable being a camera camera and has your photo taken. Many photographers will include an engagement photo shoot in their full day package so you can get used to working with them and help you feel more relaxed and comfortable. When your wedding day comes, you will feel more relaxed around your photographer with one -only the difference is you are in your clothes this time!

6. List of photos

When you choose and rent your perfect wedding photographer, you choose it because you like their style, you choose it because you feel comfortable working with them, and you choose because you trust them.

If there are some good shots you want, family photos, mothers and brides etc. then tell your photographer, but don’t tell them and show them every photo you want. You employ them because you trust them, because you have seen a complete work album and likes their style.

No need to give them a long list of shots you want, believe them to do their work and capture moments that you will not even think about, or even expected to happen let alone be captured.

Tell your photographer if you want a particular family shot that you want, including a list of any group shots and may assign guests to gather people on that day for you. It is important to note that this point is a family shot and important people you want with photos with a more traditional style.

This is not about telling your photography that you want to shoot you and your husband on the bridge in the garden, or on the stairs in front of the venue, let the photographer you pay to use their expertise and experience to find and suggest a good place for shots. Believe them, they will have years of experience and maybe even have shot your previous wedding venue.

Give enough time. This is especially true for group photo shoots where he can track the key people you want in the photo. Let the guests know in advance when and where they have to be for group photos. On the other hand, don’t let your dominant day, you want to enjoy it and have fun, you don’t want to have memories of your day emphasize about one hundred group shots.

By Michael Caine

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