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What Is Black Hat SEO and Its Different Methods in Marketing

There are many ways to optimize a web page for SEO optimization to rank it higher in search engines. Some of these techniques can be punished and could get you in trouble. These techniques are known as Black Hat SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO methods are those that trick search engines such as Google to boost their positions quickly and artificially.

While this technique can give you some great results in the short term, it could also lead to the loss of your position in long term. Google eventually realizes these black-hat tactics and penalizes them.

These techniques also affect Google’s image of your page. Users see pages that are not optimized at a technical level but offer no real value for certain search intents. This can negatively impact the perception of your company by users and reduce your conversions.

A Digital Specialist can help you to identify these techniques to remove them from your website. Because This has led to Google sanctions in the medium term. These are difficult and laborious to resolve and can result in a severe loss of visibility for businesses.

What are the most famous Black Hat SEO techniques?

Keyword stuffing

This technique is the continual repetition of a keyword without changing the text. It allows Google to position you in a relevant manner for this term. This can affect the quality of the text and cause a problem for the user experience.


This technique involves altering existing articles using algorithms to create many texts with different synonyms out of a single piece. Do you know the 8 major limitations of internet marketing?

Hidden text

This is an old Black Hat SEO technique. It involves repeating the same keyword multiple times in a text. However, this text is hidden from the user so they can only see it on search engines. For example, you might put the color of the letters white so they are not visible to the visitor, but to Google as normal text.

Trading links

This is a method of purchasing links from pages with a PageRank or Domain Authority to increase your domain’s authority. This is an important factor in positioning a website. However, these links must be acquired organically.

Purchase expired domains

Although this isn’t a popular technique, it does violate the quality standards of search engines. This technique consists in buying domains that have expired. These still have the authority for you to either set up your website on top of them or as redirectors.

Page hijacking

Blackhat techniques can be classified as “darkness” depending on their impact on search engine quality. This one is hijacking web pages to confuse search engines.

Although many other techniques can increase your website’s growth, search engines often penalize them in the long term. If you are serious about your project and want it long-term, we suggest that you use White Hat techniques.

Also, make sure you follow Google’s guidelines. This will make it much easier. You will eventually be in the position you desire, but you will get a penalty.

By Michael Caine

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