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It’s time for Microsoft to fix the Surface Pro 4 mess by offering no-hassle refurb SP5s

People who have problems with their Surface Pro 4 from birth are eligible for free replacements, but other people don’t even get acknowledged for their problems. We could use some consistency in the exchange policy, and we could also use some compassion for customers who have purchased the worst Surface device that has ever been manufactured.

Microsoft’s return and exchange policy for faulty Surface Pro 4 devices varies from day to day and store to store. The company does not provide a clear explanation for this. Since its introduction three years ago, the PlayStation 4 has been nothing short of a disaster, whether it be as a result of the Flickergate scandal, inadequate TypeCovers, rapid battery drain, or a touch feature that is inoperable.

It is time that Microsoft admitted the mess it has created and made an offer to those who are having issues with their Surface Pro 4 to exchange it for a refurbished Surface Pro 5 (or Surface Pro (2017)). Those who are having issues with their Surface Pro 4 should be able to take advantage of this offer. No questions. Easy as pie. No bull. Remove an outdated machine and replace it with a more up-to-date model.

If you have a Surface Pro 4, you have almost certainly already been made aware of the issues.

  • It took more than two years for Microsoft to ’fess up to the Flickergate defect and do something about it.
  • I’ve been following complaints about Surface Pro 4 TypeCover defects for more than a year, and there’s still been no official acknowledgment.
  • Then there was the September 2018 patch that killed touch on Surface Pro 4s. The official Answers Forum response says that Microsoft is “investigating.” That and a buck will buy you a cup o’ coffee.
  • For more than a year we’ve had multiple reports of batteries bleeding out completely while in Sleep.

Microsoft’s replies to the issues have been all over the place, which is particularly concerning. Some clients are able to secure replacements for the faulty equipment they have if they strongly pursue their claims and meet certain requirements. When others look at you, they appear completely perplexed.

A Microsoft Most Valuable Professional named Barb Bowman is here with a simple response for you:

Every customer who owns a Surface Pro 4 ought to be eligible for a free replacement Surface Pro 2017 (5th generation) refurbished device from Microsoft. This is because the Surface Pro 4 is now in its fourth iteration.

Service Pack 5s are no longer available for purchase from Microsoft (SP5). It seems as though their warehouses are completely stuffed with stock. The SP4 would provide its owners with a machine that, at the very least, performs appropriately the vast majority of the time. The fact that it is a used product and that SP5 is not the most recent version does not change the fact that it is a great deal superior to the garbage that they are now working with. And taking into account the regularity with which problems occur, I’m ready to bet that Microsoft might save expenses in the long run by adopting a more responsible attitude.

Not to mention the fact that doing so is the correct thing to do in this situation.

By Michael Caine

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