The Best Budget Golf Rangefinders in 2022

Golf hardware costs include quick. Whether it’s the ideal opportunity for new wedges or another arrangement of irons, the wallet can endure a shot each time our golf match-ups need a slight change. Here we survey the best spending plan rangefinders presently available.

It’s the ideal opportunity for a few additional precise yardages, yet you’re are something on a careful spending plan that actually works – don’t stress we take care of you. These five rangefinders are the best ‘modest’ golf rangefinders in 2022.

They all shift somewhat, however they’re precise, simple to utilize and won’t burn through every last dollar.

1. GolfBuddy Laser Light

GolfBuddy Laser Light victor of best spending plan golf rangefinder

Quite possibly of the best time thing about testing golf rangefinders is the point at which you find a spending plan model that can stand its ground against a top notch model. The GolfBuddy Laser Light does the best occupation of masking itself as a top notch rangefinder in the spending plan golf rangefinder class.

From inside 200 yards, you won’t see as more exact than the GolfBuddy Laser Light, perhaps as precise, however this truly holds its ground against all rangefinders out there. In our testing we viewed it as 99.5% exact, which at the cost is something hard to beat.

Recollect that exactness is at times attached to the amplification of the rangefinder. The GolfBuddy Laser Light has the 6X amplification and an exceptionally clear generally glance through the viewfinder.


The GolfBuddy Laser Light is a minimal rangefinder that fits effectively in the center of your hand. You will experience no difficulty feeling like you have control of the unit as you chase down your pin. Maybe the most vital element of the GolfBuddy Laser Light is the incline usefulness.

Slant usefulness can be turned here and there, making the GolfBuddy Laser Light satisfactory for competition play.

We saw that it took under one moment to get the yardage, even with incline mode dynamic. There is a vibration ready that tells you that you have gotten your objective. The alarm is somewhat brutal right away, however you’ll become acclimated to it.

GolfBuddy Laser Light is water-safe. In the event that you get found out in a touch of downpour, you won’t have to overreact, however the model isn’t completely waterproof. Stressed? I wouldn’t be – it has endure a full winter of testing in the incomparable English climate.

The attractive case is a decent component. Numerous exceptional rangefinders have an attractive body; this Laser Light model has an attractive case.

Really extraordinary in rangefinders, it will in general make us somewhat anxious with regards to the rangefinder taking off the golf truck. By and large the magnet on the GolfBuddy Laser Light case appears to be bounty sufficiently able to hold up to a run of the mill golf truck ride.


With regards to convenience in these spending plan golf rangefinders, there is uplifting news and terrible news. Fortunately due to the restricted elements that you will find; the rangefinders become very simple to utilize. The terrible news is that they can at times be somewhat more enthusiastically to work with while getting yardages over the 150-yard mark.

The second explanation the GolfBuddy Laser Light tops our rundown is that it is really simple to utilize and actually looks at every one of the cases for convenience. After incalculable rounds utilizing this rangefinder, we can scarcely blame it, the vibration pin lock is a part more slow than a rangefinder two times its cost however that is all there is to it.


The way that the GolfBuddy Laser Light falls underneath the $150 mark actually gets us off guard chance to time. At the point when you contrast this with certain models in the $300, and even $400 territory, you will see next to no adjustment of usefulness.

Golf Insider decision

We tried many spending plan golf rangefinders and held returning to the GolfBuddy Laser Light. By and large the plan is basic, and the yardages are really exact. The GolfBuddy Laser Light resembles an extraordinary working, solid vehicle – no extravagant cowhide trim, or shimmering wheels – yet you’ll be glad you own it, and you’ll cherish utilizing it a large number of rounds on the green.

2. TecTecTec VPro 500

The TecTecTec VPro500 is precisely exact thing you might anticipate from a nitty gritty, spending plan well disposed golf rangefinder. Nonetheless, when you take a gander at the significant things, similar to exactness, convenience, solidness, and generally esteem, TecTecTec Vpro500 procures a spot on this rundown.


The all out range for the TecTecTec VPro500 is 540 yards. This is bounty long enough for the typical golf player, and it professes to have one yard of precision. We found that from 200 yards and in the nonstop sweep mode did an astounding.

The TecTecTec works effectively of getting the pin, however needs somewhat more consideration than additional costly rangefinders. Be that as it may, when the pin is secured in, you’ll feel sure about the number you have passed on to the banner.


To have the option to plainly see the objective you are hoping to find, the optics of a rangefinder are indispensable. At times with a spending plan golf rangefinder, it is difficult to come by a model that will assist you with restricting in on the objective. Be that as it may, the optics on the TecTecTec Vpro500 are truly clear, with incredible customizability on the zoom and concentration.

The TecTecTec VPro500 is likewise viewed as an eye-safe laser rangefinder that won’t strain your vision from persistent use. Uplifting news in the event that you are truly golf fixated!

The TecTecTec Vpro500 is exceptionally lightweight, reduced and versatile. The outside is solid, and there is a conveying pocket that accompanies the unit to assist with guarding it.


The Pinsensor innovation assists with securing in on the objective when under 150 yards or something like that. Also, the more minimized size of this model will assist you with feeling like you have command over the unit. For those with a temperamental hand or inconvenience centering, think about a more extravagant rangefinder.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are shopping on a careful spending plan and will offer more consideration while locking onto a pin this is difficult to beat.


The TecTecTec VPro500 is estimated close to equivalent to the GolfBuddy Laser Light. In any case, this model doesn’t have slant, and that makes it somewhat less significant for some golf players. In the event that slant innovation is advantageous look at the GolfBuddy and Shot Degree choices in this rundown.

Golf Insider decision

In the event that you feel that you won’t ever involve slant usefulness in your rangefinder and you need a basic and exact yardage perusing, the TecTecTec is an extraordinary decision. A two-year guarantee and a 30-days unconditional promise mean this is an inconceivably sure thing in the event that you are plunging your toes into the rangefinder market.

3.GolfBuddy Point L10V rangefinder in white and dark

Voice innovation is something that we have found in GPS rangefinders for a long while. In the event that you figure this could help you on a laser rangefinder, the GolfBuddy Point L10V is the spot to look. This scratches in the top finish of our ‘financial plan gather together’, yet offers extraordinary capability at the cost.


GolfBuddy proposes the Point L10V is exact inside a yard and has a 880-yard range. In testing, we tracked down this model satisfies that case inside 200-yards and gives close to indistinguishable yardages contrasted with the highest point of the reach items available (±1 yard).

Outside this reach, human testing makes substantial information somewhat more testing to stop by. In any case, the figures above ought to give you no question about the L10V’s precision and will be all that could possibly be needed for most golf players.


The fundamental component that will assist the GolfBuddy With pointing L10V stand apart is the way that it has voice innovation. At the point when you glance through the degree and lock in on your objective, basically press a button, and the rangefinder will let you know the yardage.

For those that struggle with perusing numbers inside the degree, this is an incredible component to consider!

The sound is simply one more affirmation that you have secured in on the appropriate number for your yardage and can be set continually on or flipped on/off when perceivability is poor. The main disadvantage is being cautious you don’t upset different golf players. There are loads of new sound sort gadgets like truck speakers and talking GPS units being integrated into the game, we’ll allow you to choose if this is the sort of item for you.

The GolfBuddy Point L10V has a water-safe body, three focusing on modes, and afterward 6X amplification. The view is clear through the extension, and it very well may be changed with the diopter assuming you have some vision issues. It likewise accompanies incline mode that can be flipped on/off.

By and large the highlights of this rangefinder will mirror any of the top models available and outperform some.

Ease of use

The primary thing you will see about the GolfBuddy Point L10V is the way little it is. For certain golf players, this is positive, and for other people, this is a pessimistic. We like these more minimal rangefinders as they are lighter in weight and simpler to oversee as we advance around the fairway. In the event that you need something chunkier, investigate a portion of the huge Bushnell models available.

With the three focusing on modes, Standard, Sweep, and Pin, you can truly assist yourself with filtering the skyline off the tee and afterward restricted in on the objective utilizing Pin Locater mode into the green.

The Pin Locater mode has a vibration include that will make you aware of the way that you have tracked down the pin. For those that truly battle with vision and glancing through a rangefinder, we’d propose a mix of the Pin Locater mode with the Voice Result.

The main obstacle with convenience we made was the opportunity taken for Pin Locater mode to vibrate. The yardage will show up straight away, yet there is a 0.3 to 0.4-sec postponement for the vibrate to kick in and the circle to show up around the banner on the presentation. This is a little issue however one to consider.


The GolfBuddy Point L10 V is decently evaluated, particularly taking into account that it additionally has slant innovation. You might pay a couple of dollars something else for the voice innovation, yet for those that truly need to stay away from the GPS innovation, this can be a decent other option.


Golf Insider decision

Assuming you are after an exact rangefinder, with incline and voice actuation, this is the least expensive and most ideal choice out there.

The voice innovation remembered for the GolfBuddy Point L10V is certainly not a fit for each golf player, and on the off chance that it isn’t the thing you’re pursuing, save a few hitting the fairway pennies and get the GolfBuddy Laser Light all things considered.

4. ShotScope Ace L1

With the Shot Extension L1, you will get extraordinary Objective Lock innovation, slant capability, incredible convenience and some water opposition. On the off chance that you are changing from a GPS to a financial plan accommodating golf rangefinder, this model will quikcly assist you with getting acclimated with focusing in on your objectives.


Shot Extension guarantees the Ace L1 exactness inside one yard and shows all yardages to 0.1 yards! This gives the impression of some serious accuracy. In our testing, we observed that the ShotScope Master L1 was exact inside a yard up to 150-yards away, however that figure rose to ±2-yards outside that reach, not terrible yet a smidge behind the GolfBuddy choices with regards to execution.

For examination, while testing an extensive variety of financial plan golf rangefinders, we observed that most models are exact to inside one yard for however long we were under 150 yards from the objective and have a consistent hand. When you get into that 150-250 territory, the precision is by all accounts better with the more costly models.

The Objective Lock Innovation assists golf players with tracking down banners, perils, and even trees or dugout edges without any problem. We found that in any event, for a golf player with a flimsy hand, the ShotScope L1 can be a decent determination.


The precision of a laser rangefinder is discussed finally. Be that as it may, the view through the degree isn’t in many cases raised very so a lot. In the event that you can’t plainly see the numbers that the rangefinder thinks of, how precise might it at any point be?

The Shot Extension L1 gives you the choice to pick red or dark numbers showed in your rangefinder. Contingent upon the lighting or your vision, either might be simpler to see.

The Shot Extension Star L1 is an incline rangefinder and has a slant mode that can be effortlessly turned on and off. This guarantees that your rangefinder is prepared for a round that you might have going.

One more component of the Shot Degree Genius L1 that stood apart to us was the hazier shade of the actual unit. This is dark/dark body with some blue trim. On the off chance that you have been around the sport of golf sufficiently long, you might know precisely exact thing happens to a white rangefinder body over the long run. Soil, oils, and even sand will remove the variety and make it look a lot changed.

This is a little thought however something that specific golf players will need to guarantee they have considered preceding buying.


Like different models on our rundown, the Shot Degree Master L1 is fairly minimized in size and permits you to work with only one hand.

The view through the rangefinder is clear and the diopter is customizable and gives up to 6x amplification. One more cool element is the capacity to change the showcase illustrations from dark to red, making this capability well on the fairway and around evening time on the golf range.

visual dark and red presentation on the Shot Degree range locater

To finish things off the Shot Degree arrives in a strong convey case with a zip and a simple access elasticated snare. Generally, the Shot Extension scores close ideal imprints for convenience – better than many top of the reach items.


Whenever you can track down a rangefinder with slant, with a one-year guarantee, under $200, think of it as a fair plan. This is a tough model that accompanies a conveying case and makes a magnificent by and large venture.

Golf Insider decision

We love the convenience and generally speaking look of the ShotScope Expert L1 – it is as great or better than our top pick, the GolfBuddy, however the additional yard of mistake in precision has dropped it a couple of spots. This isn’t a rangefinder that you will be frustrated with and assuming you’re fine with yardages inside 2-yards it is definitely worth its cost.

5. Nikon Coolshot 20i GII

Nickon Coolshot 20i GII in white and dark

Nikon has a great history and notoriety with regards to focal points and visual innovation. The Nikon Coolshot exploits that to get golf players some additional accuracy and precision on the green. In the event that optics are your anxiety, this is an extraordinary rangefinder to consider.


Precision can be extremely subject to the strength of the rangefinder that you have in your grasp. The Nikon Coolshot 20i GII isn’t the most steady rangefinder in the Nikon setup. This spending plan cordial model offers an unmistakable view and fast fire estimations while attempting to gather a ton of data on the double.

Is it exact? Indeed. Is it the most reliable? No.

The Nikon professes to be precise inside a 2-yard range with this Coolshot model. Despite the fact that it may not seem like an over the top contrast, you need to consider whether you would prefer to have a 3-foot putt or a 9-foot putt for birdie…


First Objective Need is likely the main innovation that the Nikon Coolshot 20i GII has set up. What the Main Objective Need does is it will show the yardage naturally to the primary objective it can run over. This implies you won’t have to press a button to get the genuine yardage; basically hold up the rangefinder, and the nearest target it goes over in the objective will be perused for you.

Furthermore, there is an output mode on the Nikon that works a piece uniquely in contrast to different models. With the 8-second nonstop estimation check, you will actually want to move your rangefinder around and see the estimations change as you look through changed regions.

Suppose you are attempting to sort out the fact that it is so far to convey the dugout, what the distance is to the banner, and furthermore that it is so far to the water peril behind the green. At the point when you actuate the nonstop estimation innovation, you will basically press the button and see these estimations spring up on the double.

In the event that you have at any point been adhered attempting to get your rangefinder to get on a shelter edge or a rake, you know how significant this element can be.


What makes Nikon so natural to utilize is the glass and focal point that they set up on this laser rangefinder. This is one of the most clear perspectives that you can find. At the point when you experience vision issues and difficulty securing in on a pin, consolidate the Nikon focal point with the ceaseless output and First Objective Need, and griping about their results will be hard.

The main thing you will not get with this financial plan accommodating rangefinder is the vibration when you secure in on an objective and, obviously, the slant mode usefulness.


Assuming that you take a gander at the valuing of the Nikon cameras, you might observe that this is really a very decent arrangement for a Nikon item. It is Nikon’s low-estimated rangefinder choice, with every one of the similar elements of different items in this audit.

The form quality is great, however it seems like you’re paying some extra for the name.

Golf Insider decision

Nikon makes it simple to trust their item; with solid client service and a gigantic standing, this is a rangefinder that you can feel certain will help you through quite a long while of golf.

The innovation (exactness) needs somewhat behind a portion of the other best financial plan golf rangefinders available, yet on the off chance that you’re content with sound precision and extraordinary optics, this is as yet worth snatching.

By Michael Caine

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