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Things to Consider When Choosing an API Platform for Your Business

Once you introduce APIs to your organization, these platforms will help you to grow your business into the formerly unapproachable customer. If you don’t know what really is API, well, in simplest words, an API is an interface that you can easily use to deliver your business capabilities and business data as worthy information to your customers. As an example, in case you own a retail store, you can vend an item to a customer who is simply sitting on his sofa at his home through an API. Don’t you feel it is awesome? Just look for a good and effective platform for API development in the USA and ensure that you make the utmost out of it for your business.

Why should you go for API?

Well, in case you really want to grow your business, you require to reach out to more customers. APIs permit you to reach out to customers whom you really could never reach before. Who might have thought twenty years ago that you can simply shop for everything you need without simply stepping out of your home? With the realm of APIs, you can easily make virtual connections with your customers, even partners, and also employees and construct a connected supply chain.

Check the ease of use

At first look, ease of use of the API platform would be about how easy it is to simply get up and running – and yes, that is somewhat relatively important. However, there are other problems that are associated with this factor.  For instance, is it convenient for a developer to utilize, discover simply APIs, witness the value of those APIs, learn how to simply use those APIs, and perhaps, even, get code produced for the development tools he or she is making use of?  Do you feel it would be easy for an administrator to simply manage such developers?

Will the API management solution conveniently integrate into the existing infrastructure?  Is it going to integrate into the existing application infrastructure, and offer connectivity across data sets?   You know what, using data in new ways is not just empowering, but has formed (and demolished) whole industries.

Overall Scale

Scalability is another important factor that can be imperative for numerous organizations and even like the ease-of-use scale possess multiple issues that should be examined.  As an example, scalability definitely means the capability to easily handle the high-volume type of transactions, but the API management solution must also be in a position to handle that scale across different platforms on-premises, SaaS, and even containers.  Tools must be available to make sure specific APIs can scale at the appropriate priority, encompassing throttling, prioritization, and even routing.

The main ingredient to successful API architecture is ensuring your APIs are absolutely scalable and evolvable, able to grow with your overall business, and adapt to altering requirements over time. This is not simply about scaling up to a maximum capacity. It is all about right-sizing the interfaces and the API infrastructure and upkeeping the flexibility required to support changing business as well as technical needs.  A wonderful example of scaling flexibility is the simple ability to for a web retailer to be able to dynamically scale up (and down) servers at times of overall extreme activity, versus standing up equipment that might be idle most of the year.

Ensure Security

Security has different issues that tie into this factor. Begin with the basics – does the API management solution actually offer strong single-sign-on (SSO capabilities, encompassing integration into current identity and access management (IAM) systems?  Are policies out there for you:

  • Disable login if VPN isn’t on
  • Protect against web-based type of threats
  • Mandate SSL
  • Guard against OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities 

Check the Flexibility

Flexibility once again has manifold issues that must be evaluated as a factor. Deployment flexibility, on-premises, SaaS, even or a hybrid of the two is one zone to examine, based on enterprise needs.  Form factors are definitely another – do you really wish your API management solution on hardened appliances, that virtual appliances, as software, or in simply containers?  Then you need to be thoughtful about if it is going to be cloud uncertain. These are the things that you need to consider before you get a platform because it could be really disappointing for you if you get unsatisfactory outcomes.

Another way that you can look at flexibility is break down API management into two different modules:  runtime as well as design time. 

  • Runtime (aka the API Gateway) has to do with API data and services like transformation and composition, routing, even traffic control, managing security (encompassing authentication/authorization, SSO/OAuth/OpenID Connect, overall attack preventions, managing policy enforcement, and even managing API health and performance (encompassing reporting).  Runtime is sound work, characteristically high level of volume, characteristically touching important data and even systems, and most of the times considered mission critical. Latency is always very important. As such, runtime (the API gateway) is mostly located behind the firewall right on-premises.
  • Design time is something that introduces and maintains the business relationship with application developers, providing the tools the developer requires to consume an API – documentation, samples, tutorials, and sometimes even code generation.  Latency has quite a little bearing, and while uptime is critical, design time is barely mission-critical.

The point is you need to be sure that the platform you get ensures you flexibility in every possible manner. once you consider flexibility, you can be sure that you are more content with your experiences. Whether to go for on-premises, SaaS, or hybrid, the choice is going to be yours.


To sum up, when you are going to invest in something important, make sure that you keep all the things in mind. When you consider all the discussed points in this post, you can get the best API management platform in USA for your business. The more you are thoughtful about what you are selecting, the better results you can get. After all, it is about making the right choices at the right time.

By Michael Caine

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