Best Trees To Plant In Alabama

Best Trees To Plant In Alabama

Since it is tree planting season, you are probably considering the kind of tree you want. There are many different types of trees available, whether you want one to give shade, hang a swing from one day, or just for aesthetic purposes. Unfortunately, Alabama’s climate WILL NOT support all of those trees.

You should plant trees that will function with both your yard and Alabama’s environment rather than trying to push a tree to flourish where it just won’t (causing you a lot of stress). You should grow the following trees in your yard in Alabama. The list of these trees with full detail are given below for your guidance. So, that you can be facilitated to grow these trees:

Pine Long Leaf

The long leaf pine, one of the toughest trees you will see, can withstand almost anything that comes its way, including storms and forest fires. In the past, the Long Leaf Pine could be found from top to bottom of the country. It’s no longer quite as common as it once was. Even yet, the needlelike leaves, which may reach lengths of up to 18 inches, according to the National Wildlife Federation, provide a distinctive appearance that is unmatched by many other trees that can live in Alabama. Make sure you have enough room for the trunk because it can grow to be up to three feet broad. The trees also automatically prune themselves toward the bottom, which is an added benefit. The long leaf pine is a haven for a variety of uncommon and endangered creatures, which attracts nature enthusiasts. Due to their rarity, you may come across creatures like the indigo snake or the red-cockaded woodpecker.

Being the official tree of Alabama, the Southern longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Miller) is a welcome addition to yards that can support it.

Purple Poplar

The Tulip Poplar is one of the few trees that can be considered particularly “beautiful,” especially in Alabama. There are various disagreements about whether the peculiar outline of the leaves or the blooms are where the name “tulip” originates. This tree is one that you can be proud to plant in your front yard because it gracefully handles all the seasonal changes that Alabama experiences. When planted and cared for properly, it grows swiftly and is the tallest hardwood tree that can be grown in the eastern portion of the United States.

This tree is adored by many people not only for its beauty but also for the absence of pest issues. According to the USDA, it doesn’t attract the majority of the prevalent tree pests in Alabama.

White Cypress

The Bald Cypress has shown to be one of the toughest and strongest trees cultivated in Alabama and other southern states. It is typically found in remote southern wetlands. Growing “knees” from the ground, which many believe aid in supplying oxygen to their remarkable root systems, is also rather mysterious. Don’t worry if your backyard doesn’t have a swamp; it grows just as well planted in yards and even along streets. The tree itself is pretty lovely and offers excellent shade. It develops at a moderate rate, becoming harder and tougher as a result of which you need not worry as much about splitting. The bald cypress has incredibly expensive cones that attract a variety of wildlife to your yard. The tree itself is pretty lovely and offers excellent shade. It develops at a moderate rate, becoming harder and tougher as a result of which you need not worry as much about splitting. Those cones According to Arbor Day, bald cypress trees are incredibly beneficial to the environment and will attract a variety of species to your yard.

Crape myrtle tonto

The Tonto Crape Myrtle is a great addition to any yard in Alabama if you’re looking for something a little more attractive. It is the ideal little tree that adds impact to any yard with its purple blossoms and lovely colour variations. It is a wonderful imposter for cherry blossoms because to the lovely scent of the petals and their soft fall, but it requires much less maintenance.

Use it as “informal tall hedges, background for perennial border, or in pots,” according to the United States National Arboretum. Adaptable for use in malls, industrial buildings, parks, and roadside vegetation

Purple Dogwood

The Pink Dogwood, one of the most popular landscape trees in the nation, is not just adored by families due to its accessibility. The fact that this tree is very stunning is what sets it apart the most. Soft pink blooms offer a splash of colour to any yard as they flutter through the air and emit a delicious perfume. While this may make cleanup a little more challenging, it also makes for some fantastic family photos and entertainment for kids who enjoy making it “snow” throughout the warmer months.

Even in Alabama, where we don’t always get bright splashes of colour, the pink dogwood wears the fall months nicely. Starting in late September, you’ll see a magnificent orange hue on this tree.

It’s an excellent option for smaller yards since, according to Arbor Day, “This is a good tree for planting near utility lines, close to buildings or near patios.”

In the end, planting a tree in your yard offers numerous advantages. In addition to providing your home with shelter from the weather, it also creates a lovely backdrop for your yard and house, increasing both the curb appeal and yard appeal. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you and your kids to spend more time outside.

Give our staff at All Star Tree Service a call at 1-256-513-6277 if you have any issues or questions regarding your trees, planting a tree, pruning it, or having it removed. We pledge to treat your trees with the utmost care because we understand how important they are to you.

Do you have a favourite tree in your backyard? Send us an image or description so we can begin planting more trees in Huntsville, Alabama!

By Michael Caine

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